‘Verity’ brings the chills

By Alaina Merchant, Staff Writer

  The stand-alone romantic thriller “Verity,” written by Colleen Hoover, is full of suspense. It will leave chills down your spine as you’re reading. The book was all over booktok, and people were and still are all over the thrill.

From Virginia, Lowen Ashleigh is a writer in New York on a financial ruin and is dealing with the death of her mother. She finds a once in a lifetime offer from Jeremy Crawford, husband of Verity Crawford, author of a thriller series. Jeremy wants Lowen to finish Verity’s series as Verity was in a serious accident that was kept under cover. Jeremy said that as part of the deal, Lowen can keep her identity anonymous and get enough money to have a redo on her life. She accepts the deal and agrees to spend the next few weeks at their house to go through all of Verity’s notes. 

As Lowen gets to Crawford’s home, she decides to start right away. While going through years and years of notes and outlines to be able to get started, she discovers an unfinished autobiography that Verity had supposedly written before her accident. After reading page after page of chilling stories, she finds the hidden story of what changed the Crawford’s family forever. 

She then decides to keep the manuscript a secret from Jeremy to not hurt him anymore than he already is. As Lowen and Jeremy’s relationship begins, she thinks that hiding this big of a secret while also living in their house is not a good idea. 

Be aware that if you want to read this book, it does have some disturbing material, but overall, it is a chilling and suspenseful read that kept me on the edge of my seat.

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