Homecoming Messages 2022

Brennen McWright

(These speeches were delivered at the formal Homecoming assembly. Brennen McWright is Student Council President, and Mr. Chris Greco was selected as the faculty speaker.)

Every student council president that I’ve been here for has given a similar speech about coming home and what a home means, and I know that some of you are probably a bit bored of that speech by now. I won’t be offended when I look out into the crowd and see a few people snoozing. I’m lookin’ at you Hetrick. 

I think the reason some of us don’t like to pay attention to this speech is because we fail to recognize how special and impactful our time in this school can be.

Now don’t get me wrong! I’m constantly impressed by our student body; it’s been nearly impossible to find parking spots for the last few games. But we can do better.

In the past, I’ve overheard students saying that they wish they were at another school. I’ve heard things like: “I want to go to a big school, one with three different football fields, each with a giant stadium of seating and matching giant scoreboards.” But that mentality doesn’t speak Saegertown to me. So while I’ve heard and taken note of these comments, I’ve also heard Panther Pride expressed in quantities tenfold.

So I don’t know about you, but on Friday night, I plan on supporting our small school, at our one field, sitting in our grandstands and seeing our winning score on our scoreboard.

I need you to show me that we’re capable of change. The building itself proved that it can handle change this summer. You’ve seen the changes; the floors are all tiles, the doors and windows have been redone, and we’ve welcomed many new staff members. Now we need to prove that we are capable of change as well. 

Prove to me that I’m right and that we will fight for this school. Prove to the team that you’ve got their backs by supporting them before, during, and after the game. Prove to Mercer that we’re a force to be reckoned with by turning the volume up to 11. And finally, prove to the world that we are proud of our home and proud to be united in defending our reputation as Saegertown Panthers.

Mr. Greco

Mr. Greco’s Remarks

Homecoming……Many things come racing back to my mind when I think of Homecoming.  The times together and my high school years-long ago, the football game, the dance.  All of these are great things-but the greatest of these are the memories.  You are blessed to be in such a community and high school where there is such love and support.  I know that you think it could be better, but then I ask you –what are you doing to make this a better home? 

The time you have spent here together truly knowing each other, not just students, but as friends, has helped shape you. The bonds and friendships you have made, the sports teams that you competed on together, the activities and classes that you have been in together, the years in elementary school and school trips. Trust me, it won’t be long until you won’t wear blue and gold all the time, paint your bodies and faces, or superfan at games. You won’t have the time walking through the hallways as students, and you soon won’t have the comradery of being a student of SHS. This is your week–Take time and truly enjoy it! 

When I was asked to speak today, many thoughts and memories came rushing back to me as my high school years, but seniors though, this is your last high school homecoming assembly and pep rally later this week, senior football players, cheerleaders, and band members–this is your last football Homecoming game.  This formal assembly today is one of the traditions that makes Saegertown unique.   

Student Council and Ms. Thomas chose a great theme for this year–The WIZARD of OZ.  Most of us know the story or scary movie.  It all centers not around the wicked witch, or Toto, but instead of Dorothy longing to come home.  Finally, she realizes that all that she wants, all that she dreams–is to come home.  She even states and finally realizes that there truly is NO PLACE LIKE HOME.  And remember, she does all of this while clicking her heels. 

Historians, songwriters and many people have articulated Dorothy’s words and put them into context. There is the motto “Home Sweet Home,” loves a “home cooked” dinner, and there is even the societal term “my homies.” All these things refer to the comfort of your friends, your family, and the good times had at home! 

I challenge you as students over the remainder of the week to enjoy this moment of your high school life, celebrate with these candidates for their last hurrah of high school, enjoy the fun and activities of the tail gate party prior to the game, participate in the spirit week activities, laugh and cheer loudly at the pep rally, applaud the royalty as the king and queen are crowned, celebrate with the team as they destroy the Mercer Mustangs.  Look at all these opportunities for you to realize that this place, your school, your town is truly a great place! 

Alumni will return to this game simply to remember what fun that they had in high school.  Students, this is your time to enjoy yourselves and celebrate what high school is all about.  Please don’t take your high school years for granted. We all know that Dorothy and her little dog Toto were always right: There is no place like home and there is no place like Saegertown!  

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