PAWS tickets go digital

By: Luthea Sweeney, Photo Editor

This year, PAWS tickets are sent to students via email. How does this work? While it is still a work in progress, here is what we know: The PAWS tickets are sent through email and compiled into a spreadsheet to help teachers keep track of how many each student earns. There are five tickets per tier, and instead of prizes awarded through the Plinko Board, the prizes will be set up in a store-like display with bigger prizes costing more tickets. You can “save” your tickets for those larger items. The prizes are funded by students’ parking passes and a donation from guidance. 

PBIS team leader, Stephen Roesch

Why the change? As a committee, the teachers voted to make PAWS tickets digital. Students don’t have to go to the office at the end of the period to turn in their tickets, and students can’t lose their ticket if it’s online. The plinko game itself made some students reluctant to turn in their tickets, as they’d have to stand in front of all their peers to play the game during lunch, so this change should be effective. 

Further explanation will be provided through a video made by PBIS team leader Stephen Roesch. Digital PAWS tickets are still a work in progress, but the tickets students receive now are currently being counted. If you have questions, reach out to Mr. Roesch or any PBIS team member.

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