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SPA continues social events 

By Celeste Eback, Website Editor, and Zorian Edwards, Multimedia and Features Editor

SPA (Saegertown Pride Alliance) kicked off the new school year with a Halloween Unity Meet on Oct. 25 and a field trip at Lost Lanes in Cambridge Springs on Nov. 15. Students who attended the Unity Meet enjoyed activities of Just Dance, trivia, and writing. 

“I feel the Unity Meet went well, although we only had six students in attendance,” SPA president Zorian Edwards (he/they) said. “I feel the members of our club ended up making the meet happen in a unique way.”

Eight students along with club advisor Stacey Hetrick (she/her) attended the bowling trip. The club paid for the food, refreshments, and bowling. Reservations were arranged by the club’s treasurer, Arion Knott (he/him). 

“As we start to grow and progress more with the club itself,” Knott said, “I would like to see more: museums and places with LGBTQIA+ history.” 

Despite the obstacles that clubs faced this year due to the removal of the block schedule, SPA has held weekly meetings after school every Wednesday until 4:15 p.m. They plan to have their next holiday Unity Meet on Wednesday, Dec. 14 in room 215 from after school until 5 p.m. 

Club members will supply snacks and other refreshments. Activities will include karaoke, gift exchange, games, and more. This event is open to anyone: allies, friends, nonmembers, students, teachers, staff, and even students from other schools are encouraged to attend. 

“I hope we get to meet new people,” a seventh-grade member said. “And we’ll finish off the year with lots of fun.”

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