Artist of the Week: Natalie Slee

Artist Bio: Art is one of Natalie Slee’s greatest passions, and one thing she especially enjoys making is tattoo designs. “It’s powerful to see how people will take their differences and put them aside for a tattoo that represents them,” Slee says. She was first inspired by her grandfather, who taught her everything she needed to know about art. Slee has been drawing for around a decade.

Slee’s advice for other aspiring artists: “No matter who you come in contact with — because there will always be people who don’t think your art is good — keep striving. Keep going. The art that you make will inspire someone else one day. It will inspire you to keep going. It’s just a matter of who you are, not who they are.”

(Artist of the Week is a feature created and compiled by staff writer Rosalynd Phillips. If you know an artist or writer who would like to be featured, email

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