Resource officers settling in

By: Fayelynn McWright, opinion editor

The PENNCREST School District implemented resource officers in Maplewood and Saegertown schools after the winter break. Officer Alyssa Angelo is assigned to Saegertown (as was previously reported in the Panther Press), but she will now be joined by Officer Rick Skonieczka. 

Officer Angelo

“Officer Skonieczka will be in the school full-time for the remainder of the year while I am absent,” Angelo said. 

Officer Angelo initially toured Saegertown High School on Dec. 15. Angelo was in and out of the school, and made herself familiar with Saegertown throughout the rest of December. According to Angelo, she is adjusting well to becoming a resource officer instead of the traditional patrol officer. 

“It is a change for me as I am used to being in a patrol setting,”  Angelo said, “But this is a nice change of scenery, and everyone has been extremely welcoming,”

Along with the change of scenery, Angelo added that being around students is another major change.

“I have really enjoyed getting to know the students at SHS,” Angelo said. “It is a great school with a great student population that is being guided by a very well-rounded administration.”

Officer Skonieczka could not be reached for comment.

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