Shaffer dunks at Youngsville

By Sierra McCartney, staff writer

“Youngsville is known to have a more springy floor, it always seems like you can jump higher.” -Henry Shaffer

Senior Henry Shaffer thrilled the Saegertown fans by completing the first successful slam dunk of the season in the January 13 game at Youngsville. It was the third quarter, and Saegertown was up 48-21. Shaffer attempted a dunk on a fast break and missed. 

“That kind of got on my nerves,” Shaffer said. “So I tried again. I passed the ball to Brady, set a screen for him, and I rolled off. Brady got me back the ball, baseline went up with it, two hand slam.”

According to Shaffer, the reaction from the fans was memorable. “Even Youngsville’s student section went crazy, and our cheerleaders and our fans went crazy.” Coach Chris Greco noted that Shaffer has dunked in practice, and he was happy to see him pull it off in a game. “In basketball, It’s a timing thing,” Greco said. “The timing was right, and I’m glad he made it at that moment.”

On the bus ride home, Shaffer watched the dunk with his teammates. “It was cool because my mind just went blank at the moment,” Shaffer said. “So getting to watch it on the bus ride home was a relief because I finally did it.” 

Saegertown won the game with a final score of 64-36.

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