Project Music Room: there is a plan

By Luthea Sweeney, Design and Photo Editor

  While the GESA project renovated the music room by providing it with new flooring and ceiling tiles, the room generally needs a bit more love and Saegertown’s principal, Dr. Erica Howick, has a plan to rejuvenate the space. While it might not look the prettiest, the space is in no way harmful to the students. It just needs a bit of an update. 

The music room has a leaky pipe in the ceiling. In an attempt to prevent any accidents, a trash can stating “Not a trash can, to catch water” was placed under the pipe. The school has lacked the budget to get this fixed, but Dr. Howick plans to fix this once the school gets some funding. 

     The wallpaper has not held the test of time in this room. Dr. Howick would like to work on the walls and the bathrooms year by year. The plan is to add a tile similar to or the same as blue tile on the bathrooms to the walls so that they won’t peel off.

While the boards are temporarily being held to the wall with masking tape, the plan is to redo these walls with the same tile stated above. The boards have not been replaced yet due to the material’s lack of production.

In the practice room, there’s a few holes in the sound-proofing and students have repaired a hole in the wall with masking tape. 

The tiling on the wall is falling apart where the chorus robes are stored. 

In the instrument storage room, ceiling tiles are hanging and missing. 

After concerns about the chorus doors not being able to lock were raised, the push bar was removed from the door and the metal chain was placed to open and close the door so that the door can lock now if there’s an intruder. This was placed as a temporary solution while the building waits for a new door to come in. 

By the teacher’s office, the light is cracked. 

Year by year, as Saegertown High School continues to receive some funding, the music room will be revived. Dr. Howick has taken notice of these issues and plans to fix them as she receives more funding. 

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