Boys and girls junior high volleyball

By Lindsey Price, Staff Writer

FullSizeRender-2Saegertown sends congratulations to the junior high boys and girls volleyball teams for a great end to their seasons. The boys finished 1-4 while the girls finished the season 5-5. “Although we only won one tournament, we’ve improved a lot since last year, especially because we gained five new players just this year,” said eighth grader Will Phelan. The boys conquered their last tournament at Saegertown with a win. Several excited fans in the crowd were happy to see the boys win the nail-biting final match against Maplewood. FullSizeRender-3Elizabeth Hasko and Carlie Schlosser of the girls junior high team said, “We’ve seen ourselves, as well as new members, improve. More volleys and discipline have been incorporated this year, which could be why we had more success.” The girls participated in two tournaments this season, and ended each in the final four group.  Both teams are excited for what next year holds and will continue to work on new skills learned for the years to come.

Youth bowlers headed to Pepsi State Finals

By Shaun Boyle, Sports Editor

Saturday, May 9, three student bowlers from Saegertown High School will travel to Hanover, Pennsylvania to compete in the Pepsi State Finals, sponsored by Pennsylvania State USBC Youth Bowling. Nick Archacki, Michael Costello, and Kylee Higby will be competing against youth bowlers from across the state to determine a winner. The bowlers are split into categories determined by their age and gender. Nick and Michael will bowl in the Under 15 boys group, and Kylee will bowl in the Under 15 girls group. Each bowler will bowl a 3-game set with handicap added to finalize their score. After every bowler has bowled, results will be posted to decide a winner.

“I’m pretty confident heading into this weekend. I feel like my game is strong, and I am going to score well,” said Archacki.

To make it to the state finals, the bowlers must qualify at their home bowling house. All three participants from Saegertown bowled at Plaza Lanes in Meadville to qualify. Archacki said, “I can’t wait to get down there and start bowling.” For more information about the tournament and results, visit


Mr. Horne takes over Panther football program

By Shaun Boyle, Sports Editor

Coach Adam Horne

Adam Horne

Social studies teacher Mr. Adam Horne was introduced as the new head football coach at Saegertown High School on April 22 during a tutorial meeting for next year’s football team.  Horne is taking over for former head coach Mike Rhoades. “I’m optimistic about the upcoming year. I am pleased with the number of kids that are participating in our lifting program,” said Horne. Lifting takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Horne is a promoter for lifting and cardio workouts.“You have to be in shape to play the game the way it’s meant to be played. Usually when we are tired is when we make mistakes,” he said.

Students who want to play football this upcoming year will need to fill out a Saegertown Football paper. These forms can be found in the office. The 2015 football season kicks off Sept. 4, at 7 p.m. against Mercyhurst Prep.

Trout make the run upstream

By Assistant Sports Editor Wyatt Fleischer 

A trout that resembles the trough stocked in woodcock creek. (photo from

A trout that resembles those stocked in Woodcock creek. (photo from

The bait hits the water and SPLASH, the surface lights up and a trout launches out of the water into the air like a lion exploding from its cover to attack its prey. The spring run is on and in full swing. The ice has melted away, the creeks have swelled and the fish are in a frenzy. The creeks are stocked with everything from rainbow, to brown, to cut throat, to brook trout, and even lake trout in Lake Erie. Here we are, living everyday on the battlegrounds of some of the most renowned trout fishing territory in the nation.

The state of Pennsylvania has a tremendous hatchery. The Pennsylvania Fish Commission stocks many of our local creeks, including nearby Woodcock creek with brown and rainbow trout any time from last Saturday, to April 28. They will also be stocking Conneaut Creek from April 17, to May 6 with only browns. The season opens on April 4, in the Southeastern part of the state. The rest of the states season opens April 18.

To fish for trout in Pennsylvania, you have to buy a normal fishing license for $22. Then you must buy a trout stamp for an extra $10. Keep in mind that in order to fish in any watershed of Lake Erie, you must also purchase an Erie stamp for another $10. That’s $42 for all three.

So what does it take to fish trout? Well first, get up early to beat the crowds to the best holes. The first couple of weeks will be crowded, so if you beat the competition there, you have just increased your chances by tenfold. Second, fight nature. The air will be cold, the water will be high and muddy, and the fish may be on the bottom. Mr. Adam Horne, social studies teacher, advised, “You gotta put weight on it. The fish are down there, just put more weight on.” Third, use the right bait. Now, everybody and their brother will be throwing a maggot, or a worm, or a minnow on a hook. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. When the fish are at the hatchery, they are fed corn by the bucket loads. The little ones will bite near everything. The big ones will stick to what has kept them alive their whole lives, that’s corn. For those of you who like a challenge, use artificial baits. Senior John Adams is an avid trout fisherman. “I caught an 18 inch brown trout out of my secret honey hole last year.” When asked about his spot, he said he would have to kill me if he told me.

When it comes to trout, their numbers are depleted throughout the season, so the old baits really do the job. We all know, with age comes wisdom. So over an old fish’s lifetime, it has seen all the tricks of the trade and won’t bite. When the trout are stocked, they are new and new to the old-fashioned baits, so they should get the job done. Panther Martin spinners, dare devil spoons, flies. Anything that looks like an easy meal, the fish will more than likely bite on it. These baits take skill and practice to work efficiently. To make a spoon look like a real fish on its last breath, or a fly that flew too close to the water and it’s struggling to get into the air before it is inhaled by the ultimate predator takes practice. But with dedication, it should come quickly. For more information about trout season, which begins this Saturday in our area, visit the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

Pre-season volleyball: Saegertown boys battle Northeastern for state supremacy

By Shaun Boyle, Sports Editor

The  2015 boys volleyball season kicks off tomorrow night, Friday, March 20, as Saegertown takes on Northeastern in a battle for state supremacy. Saegertown is ranked first in the state preseason rankings and Northeastern is ranked second, based on the Pennsylvania Volleyball Coaches Association poll. “I don’t think I’ve been more excited about a volleyball match in my entire life, and I have played in some big matches,” said senior Alex Barclay.

Northeastern, located in York, Pa., has three-peated as the Class AA state champions over the last three years. Saegertown hopes to stop this trend, starting with this match. “Since I started playing volleyball my freshman year, Northeastern was the team to beat, but we think this is our year,” said Barclay.

Come out and support the boys volleyball team at 7 p.m. at Saegertown High School. You can also follow the action live on Twitter @PantherPressSHS.


Saegertown sophomores finish strong with Bulldog hockey team

By Bradley Amy, Staff Writer

Throughout the Meadville Bulldogs hockey season this year, two Saegertown sophomores Luke Triola and Chase Leech have made major contributions to the team at the center and left wing positions. Together, Triola and Leech have combined to score 19 goals and have dished out 28 assists.

This year, the Bulldogs were excited make the playoffs with a new league, the PIHL (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League). “After transferring from the league that we won last year, it’s nice to be playing against better competition making ourselves better,” said Triola. Leech added, “Being in the playoffs is nerve-wracking, but I know that when the time comes, you gotta go out there and fill your role.”

After beating the Blackhawk Cougars 3-1 last Monday, the Bulldogs found themselves squaring off against Carrick in the semifinals round on Monday, March 16. Unfortunately, the boys came up short, losing 4-2, eliminating them from the playoffs. “I was happy with the way we performed this season, and I can’t wait for next year,” said Triola.

Bowlers fall one pin short at Ven-Craw Championship

By Garrett Johnston, Assistant Features Editor

The Saegertown Bowling team was tied with Cranberry after their championship match on Feb. 11. The two teams headed to sudden death. Saegertown came up short, losing 4-3 and finishing in second place, a repeat of last year’s finish, where they lost to Meadville. They went into the match ranked first while Cranberry was ranked second. They may have not improved their overall finish from last year, but it was still a successful season. “The season went really well. We were in first place by 16 points going into the last match,” said senior Tristan Higby. “I was really happy with the season I had this year, and I am going to miss this a lot.” In addition to Higby, senior CJ Mook also ended his high school career with this final match.

Mini-Panthers prepare for high school basketball

By Becca Siple, Assistant Sports Editor

Max Fuller going up for a layup in his recent game on Saturday against Maplewood. Photo contributed by Becca Siple.

Max Fuller going up for a layup in his recent game on Saturday against Maplewood. Photo contributed by Becca Siple.

A fifth and sixth grade boys basketball league was brought to Saegertown from Cambridge 16 years ago by  Dan Bidwell, who coached the program along with Tim Wilson and Bob Beatty. The men each had kids who participated, and as their children would enter the high school, the parents would stop coaching and leave it in the hands of another set of parents. Todd Siple and Jim Amy were the most recent coaches, and as of 2014, they left it in the hands of Brant Fuller and Kelsy Reisinger. The program aims to teach young kids the basic fundamentals of the game and prepare them for their high school career.

This year there are two fifth grade teams and one sixth grade team. Mr. Fuller and Ms. Reisinger have spent many hours preparing the boys for game time. Teams from Cambridge, Fort LeBouf, General Mclane, Union City, and Maplewood participate in the program. They play on Saturdays, and high school basketball players volunteer to referee and work the scoreboard.

Panthers pummel Fort LeBoeuf Bison

Contributed photo of Jarrett Ruhl facing his opponent on Jan. 20.

Contributed photo of Jarrett Ruhl facing his opponent on Jan. 20.

By Alanna Stafford, staff writer

Tuesday January 20, Saegertown wrestlers took on their long time rivals the Fort LeBoeuf Bison. Jarrett Ruhl started the match off with a decisive victory in the 120-pound weight class, pinning his opponent in 2:54. Saegertown went on to throttle Fort LeBoeuf 36 -19, for their first victory in the rivalry since 2006.

Prior to the match against the Bison, Saegertown head coach Jim Mulligan ordered 500 assorted chicken wings that the team members enjoyed as part of a huge celebration that took place after the victory. Senior Garrett Zuver said, “This [beating Fort LeBoeuf] was our goal since we were little.” Focus has now shifted to the upcoming postseason for the team. On January 31, the team will travel to Sharon for the District Duals, and the top three teams will advance to the state finals. “If we wrestle up to our ability, we should be celebrating down in Hershey in a couple of weeks,” said senior Lance Neuscheler.