Forgetful kids rejoice for Mother’s Day

Benjamin Haylett, broadcast team

Did you forget about Mother’s Day? Feel like you let your mom down? Want to make it up to her? There’s still time! Go take her to see “Mother’s Day before it leaves the theaters!

“Mother’s Day” follows many different characters as they try to survive their hectic Mother’s Day weekend. Garry Marshall, the director of other holiday themed movies such as “New Year’s Eve” and “Valentine’s Day”, brings his signature style to “Mother’s Day”. While all the characters seem disconnected at the beginning of the movie, it’s inevitable unnamed-2that their stories become intertwined as the plot thickens.

Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, and Kate Hudson all lend their acting chops to the fun and light hearted movie. Every character is perfectly cast, and the chemistry between all the actors can clearly be seen throughout the movie. Jennifer Aniston in particular really lets you empathize with her, and really feel bad for her character when her life starts to unravel.

“Mother’s Day” blurs the line between comedy and “feel-good movie.” While there are some funny scenes, serious moments of true sadness and love bring the movie into a more well rounded category. If Mother’s Day had to be put into any category or genre, it would have to go with Marshall’s previous works.

If you want to see a cute feel-good movie soon, go see “Mother’s Day”. If anything, go see it just to show your mom that you didn’t completely forget her special day.

Junior high celebrates the holidays

The junior high is preparing for the upcoming holiday, Christmas. Seventh grader Ava Jones is looking forward to continuing her family’s Christmas traditions.  “Collin, Carson, and I wake up at 6:30 every year and wake up our parents to open gifts.”  Others have different traditions.  “My family goes to my grandma’s for Christmas Dinner,” said Katie Berger.  

Food is a common theme amongst the junior high. When asked about Christmas, Marli McGowan said, “My favorite food at Christmas is ham.” Some students even had food on their wish-list.  “I want a box of Ritz


Some of the junior high students participated in the holiday spirit day at SHS on December 22.

crackers,” said Kenny Kiser. Many students are not only excited to receive gifts, but also to give them.  Sydney Fredericks said, “I’m giving my mom a necklace from Jared’s, and I can’t wait to see her reaction.”  Others have a different agenda. Oliver Smith is planning to play a prank on his little brother Christmas morning. “My plan is to put a fairly large chunk of coal into a little package, and my brother Linus will get a little Christmas surprise from ‘Santa’ (I got him a real present as well).”

Overall everyone is part taking in the holiday cheer.  Matt Posego said, ”I want to spread joy throughout the world and an eighty pack of Ho Hos.”  Hohoho from Matt Posego and happy holidays from the Junior high.

Talents shine from SHS

Sydney Kightlinger, design editor and Rachel Barner, staff writer

To get everyone into the holiday spirit, the Student Council will be hosting a talent show in the auditorium on Tuesday, Dec. 22. Many students will have their talents showcased during the morning assembly that starts at 9:45.

Senior Colten Burdick and sophomore Kevin Johns are each performing


Grace Diley will perform the piece “Part of Your World” from the “Little Mermaid” during the Saegertown talent show on Tuesday, Dec. 22.

original raps. Burdick, who’s excited and slightly anxious for the performance, said, “I hope to maybe inspire some people and to show who I really am, and I hope I don’t burn down the place with my fire.”

Johns, who fears stuttering, is freestyling. “I am excited to explore my talent and seeing what I can do.”

In addition to rapping, seventh graders Jane Hetrick, Madison Shoop, junior Mackenzie Genaway, and the Chamber Singers will be singing.

Hetrick has  prepared a version of Michael Bublé’s “Feeling Good” after seeing a video on YouTube of Carly Rose Sonenclar, a contestant on The X Factor.

Shoop is performing Katy Perry’s “Jar of Hearts”. She decided to  participate in the talent show because “performing in front of people has been hard for me, and there are times I need to get over that.”

 Genaway is performing “Night Changes” by One Direction, and she is “just a little” nervous to sing in front of an audience, but is very excited.

The Chamber Singers will perform pieces prepared for their winter concert that was earlier this month.

However, vocal performances are not the makeup of the entire show. Sophomore Megan Przybowski will be performing a piece on the trumpet that she is keeping a secret, and seventh grader Grace Diley will play “Part of Your World” from Disney’s “A Little Mermaid” on the piano. Both started playing their instruments while in elementary school.

Seventh grader Dairen Kaye will have a comedy routine. “I have always been able to make people laugh, and I can make many different voices,” said Kaye. He hopes to have the audience participate.

Student Council advisor Mrs. Nicole Keller hopes to make the talent show a tradition. “I hope our appreciation for the talents of students grow, and I hope next year more students sign-up.”

After the assembly, students will return to their classes. Classes will be shortened to 15-20 minutes with the exception of fifth period that will be normal. At 1:35 p.m., the holiday activity period will be begin.

Staff shares holiday favorites

By Bailey Kozalla and Kaity Gage, Staff Writer and Marketing Director

All around the world Christmas is celebrated in a variety of ways.  Some people might buy gifts for family and friends, sing Christmas carols, or even wear their favorite ugly Christmas sweater.

At Saegertown High School some teachers choose to either go Christmas shopping in-store, online, or not at all.  Principal Tom Baker and Mr. Chris


Mrs. Kimmel holds her dancing Santa.

Greco prefer to do their shopping online, while Mrs. Debbie Houck completes her Christmas shopping in-store.  

The teachers have also addressed their favorite foods and beverages during Christmas time.  Mr. Adam Horne enjoys drinking eggnog and Mr. Molnar’s favorite Christmas food is “ham, the way my wife makes it.”  Mr. Greco celebrates Christmas Eve with his family, and they enjoy steak, lobster, and homemade spaghetti for dinner.  

Certain teachers follow traditions during the holidays, or they might forge a whole new tradition of their own to share with their families.  Mrs. Donna Kimmel likes Santa Claus figures and has a continually growing collection that she adds to every year.  Mr. Molnar adopted an entire new tradition this year.  His cats have become increasingly fond of his Christmas tree, so he has had to “fish them out,” meaning that he physically reaches into the tree to pull them out. Mr. Baker said that he does not have a tradition because (in his own words), “I’m a bah humbug kinda person.”  

Regardless of the variety of ways to celebrate Christmas, the staff always finds time to be with their families and friends during this special time of year.  Mr. Molnar may perhaps summarize it the best, “I believe on giving a gift that keeps on giving.”