Sophomores gain experience during Business Week

Winning company Chronos in action. (photo contributed)

Winning company Chronos in action. (photo contributed)

Ally Shenk, Staff Writer

ACES (Americans for Competitive Enterprise System, Inc.) brings Pennsylvania Business Week, which was held April 27-May 1, to Saegertown High School in hope that sophomores can get a sense of real business situations.

During the week, students are separated into companies and assigned a position such as CEO, marketing director, etc. Each company is assigned a product to “sell” to the public, and using the resources given, they must execute the design, development and marketing of the object. “I expected it to be boring, but it’s actually fun,” said sophomore Kendra Taylor.

Chronos. (photo contributed)

(photo contributed)

The trade show, held in the gym on Friday, gave students, teachers, and parents a chance to experience the hard work and experience the sales and marketing pitches of the six companies. Mrs. Nicole Keller’s group of Kalib Kiser, Tanna Walters, Aidan Byham, Cutter’b Pritchard, Jude Mattocks, Jillian Rosipko, Kirsten Mowris, Marc Kightlinger, John Jackson, TJ Hasychak, Alandis Doctor, Rachel Barner, Tatin Bailey, Alexis Oldakowski, and Greg Gunn who produced the “Chronos” watch won the Top Company award at the awards ceremony Friday afternoon. Each team member received $100, t-shirts, coupons, water bottles, and other items. Other prizes were given to those for exceeding expectations in their group or performing well in competitions that featured their expertise.

“It was very stressful; I think the fact that we all worked together well and didn’t have problems was the reason we won,” said CEO of Chronos Aidan Byham. For more information about PA Business Week, visit

E-Books are now accessible everywhere

By Sydney Kightlinger, Assistant Opinion Editor

Time to turn off those games you are vigorously playing on your iPad because there is now something worthwhile in town. Instead of rotting your brain with that riveting game of 1010, you can now grow your mind with the tiny tablet. The library is now offering electronic books, E-books.

There are over 120 books in all genres from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald to Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. “I like the thought of having access to E-books, especially since the library is closed for business every other day,” said senior Eric Kisner.

To start checking out books, go to Mrs. Litke with your iPad, and she will give you login information.

Happy Reading!

Boys and girls junior high volleyball

By Lindsey Price, Staff Writer

FullSizeRender-2Saegertown sends congratulations to the junior high boys and girls volleyball teams for a great end to their seasons. The boys finished 1-4 while the girls finished the season 5-5. “Although we only won one tournament, we’ve improved a lot since last year, especially because we gained five new players just this year,” said eighth grader Will Phelan. The boys conquered their last tournament at Saegertown with a win. Several excited fans in the crowd were happy to see the boys win the nail-biting final match against Maplewood. FullSizeRender-3Elizabeth Hasko and Carlie Schlosser of the girls junior high team said, “We’ve seen ourselves, as well as new members, improve. More volleys and discipline have been incorporated this year, which could be why we had more success.” The girls participated in two tournaments this season, and ended each in the final four group.  Both teams are excited for what next year holds and will continue to work on new skills learned for the years to come.

Youth bowlers headed to Pepsi State Finals

By Shaun Boyle, Sports Editor

Saturday, May 9, three student bowlers from Saegertown High School will travel to Hanover, Pennsylvania to compete in the Pepsi State Finals, sponsored by Pennsylvania State USBC Youth Bowling. Nick Archacki, Michael Costello, and Kylee Higby will be competing against youth bowlers from across the state to determine a winner. The bowlers are split into categories determined by their age and gender. Nick and Michael will bowl in the Under 15 boys group, and Kylee will bowl in the Under 15 girls group. Each bowler will bowl a 3-game set with handicap added to finalize their score. After every bowler has bowled, results will be posted to decide a winner.

“I’m pretty confident heading into this weekend. I feel like my game is strong, and I am going to score well,” said Archacki.

To make it to the state finals, the bowlers must qualify at their home bowling house. All three participants from Saegertown bowled at Plaza Lanes in Meadville to qualify. Archacki said, “I can’t wait to get down there and start bowling.” For more information about the tournament and results, visit


Panther Press Twitter Feed featured in Erie-Times News Varsity magazine

By Eric Kisner, News Editor

“While the sports reporting industry goes through a digital revolution, the students at Saegertown’s Panther Press are staying ahead of the curve.” This was the close to renowned Erie Times News’ sports writer Tom Reisenwebers’ recent piece regarding the Panther Press’s evolving media output, most notably its twitter coverage of sports and other school events.

On April 16, the Panther Press staff received a visit from the Erie Times News’ Andy Colwell, who photographed the staff and and talked with its reporters and advisor Stacey Hetrick. Staff members were also interviewed at that time by Reisenweber, who is well known to local high school athletes for his coverage on

Starting in 2011, the staff has provided coverage of sporting events, an idea that was proposed by then editor in chief Hunter Johnston, who Hetrick described as “an excellent sports writer.”

In the past few years, the Panther Press’ twitter feed (@PantherPressSHS) has expanded to cover not just sports, but a number of extracurricular activities such as music, theatre, and Hi-Q, and provides links to the staff’s website.

The Panther Press has come a long way, since its inception in 2006. Hetrick, who kickstarted and is now the program’s sole advisor, is extremely pleased with the accomplishments of her students, as well as the direction that their publication is headed.

In the article, Hetrick said, “On a daily basis, I’m impressed with what my students are able to do. We have a following of around 500 people on Twitter, and it’s really interesting and gratifying to see the site get traction. The kids are getting looks and feedback on the tweets as they are able to share information and tell the story of our sports teams.”

To read the full article, visit


Saegertown Hi-Q team takes the silver medal


Members of the Hi-Q team. From left to right: Jared McClymonds, Tyler Brooks, Brennen Burke, Sydney Kightlinger, Dustin Bierman, Jared Shaffer, and Eric Kisner.

By Stephen Boylan, Director of Marketing

The first PENNCREST Hi-Q was held in 1980, thirty-five years ago. On Wednesday April 29, the Saegertown Hi-Q team went head to head against Cambridge Springs and Maplewood in the annual contest, which consists of three fifteen-minute rounds of trivia.

After the first round, Maplewood was in first place with 55 points, followed by Cambridge Springs with 45 points, and Saegertown was in last place with 30 points. At the end of the competition, Saegertown took second place with 195 points, only 15 points behind Maplewood. Cambridge Springs took last place with 95 points. “I think we did well. We performed well. I hope next year we can close that 15 point gap. I’m looking forward to that friendly competition,” said Saegertown’s team captain, sophomore Sydney Kightlinger.

“We certainly made it interesting at the end. I am proud of the seniors, Eric Kisner and Brennen Burke. They have been wonderful competitors for several years, and they will be missed. This event is a grand tradition, and I hope the friendly rivalry continues for years to come,” said Hi-Q adviser Mrs. Stacey Hetrick.

Art teacher shares ceramics expertise with students

Fred Corle uses the pottery wheel. (Photo contributed)

Fred Corle uses the pottery wheel. (Photo contributed)

By Caitlin Bieganski, Assistant Photo Editor

On April 28, retired Cambridge art teacher Fred Corle demonstrated ceramic techniques in Ms. Dani Hewston’s and Mrs. Heather Papinchak’s art classes. Students in art 1 – 4 were welcome attend, and the experience gave them some expert insight before they tried their own hands at the wheel.

Fred Corle visits the art classes. (Photo contributed)

Fred Corle visits the art classes. (Photo contributed)

Now that he is retired, Corle now spends much of his free time exploring his talents at a local studio. He also occasionally places his pieces at art shows. Being such an experienced potter and teacher, Corle almost effortlessly showed the art students the basic process of creating a small bowl or pot; from centering a crude ball of clay onto the wheel, to shaping the lump into a cylinder or a bowl. During the demonstration, he broke down the surprisingly complex process and explained the techniques he uses to steady his hands and gradually morph the clay into a piece of art, even slicing the finished product in half to show its thickness.
Emily Morris, a current art 3 student, said, “Mr. Corle seemed to be very passionate about his work, and he explained it in a way was both interesting and easy to follow.”  Overall, the students were both impressed with his skills and thoroughly enlightened about the process of ceramics.

Advanced biology students plant trees for PENNCREST Foundation

By Stephen Boylan, Director of Marketing

Check out the Slide Show from May 1 tree planting at Kinter Hill near Edinboro. Science teachers Mr. Chris Greco, Mr. Phil Young and Mr. Matt McLaughlin supervised around 30 juniors with the trees, which will provide funding for future scholarships from the PENNCREST Foundation.