Two students at SHS conquer Leukemia

By Becca Siple, Assistant Social Media Editor

Hallways were decorated to celebrate Catrina and Matt's return.

Hallways were decorated to celebrate Catrina and Matt’s return on March 9

Two students at SHS recently defeated the life-threatening disease of Leukemia: senior Matt Myers and junior Catrina Erie. The national color for leukemia is orange, and students and staff were asked to wear the color Monday, March 9 in appreciation of Matt and Catrina’s recoveries. Orange balloons were given to each teacher and hung in the halls outside of their rooms.

Matt came back to school his sophomore year after winning the battle. “They [my emotions] were mixed. I was gone for a year, so I didn’t know what had changed and what hadn’t,” he said. Upon returning to school, he made the adjustments necessary and did well. Matt will proudly be graduating with the class of 2015. He had a smile on his face as he explained how happy he was to graduate. “Hold on, there’s always someone there to back you up,” he said. The school and community are so proud of Matt and his success over the years.

Catrina returned to Saegertown on Monday March 9 and also wore the color orange. For those who do not know, Catrina found out she had Leukemia at the end of her sophomore year, but she fought hard and managed to pull through. “Physically [I’m] okay; mentally [I’m] normal,” she said. With the new changes, Catrina hopes to adjust quickly.

Aevidum sled riding party beats the winter blues

By Morgan Barksdale, Staff Writer

In the midst of the winter blitz, with temperatures below 10 degrees and knee deep in the frigid snow, students bundled up from head to toe. The air was filled with laughter and the smell of hot cocoa brewing in the distance.

On Feb. 27, Saegertown students got the opportunity to get out of the house and go sled riding with fellow classmates on the hills leading to the football field.  Saegertown’s Aevidum core team hosted this activity as a way for students to beat the winter blues.

Aevidum is a student-based empowerment program that brings awareness to everyday issues in the lives of students. “We thought it would be a good idea to give the students something to do instead of staying home on a Friday night,” said core team member Emily Ford, sophomore.

The evening was fun-filled and brought warming smiles to students despite the freezing temperatures. “I thought it was a lot of fun and was better than I expected. It was cold, but the hot chocolate was a nice touch,” said senior Shauna Bowen.  Aevidium core team plans on making after school activities a regular to prevent students staying home alone on Friday nights because they always “have your back.”  Aevidum will host a cornhole tournament March 27 and will be giving out prizes to the top four teams. You can register your team in the office.

Pantherian Key Club elects new leadership

The new leaders gather in the library.

The new leaders gather in the library. From left, Haylett, Gage, Kightlinger, Hatton and Boylan.

By Haley Wise, Staff Writer

“I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the Objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.”

Each meeting, the members of the Pantherian Key Club rise and recite this pledge which represents the mission of the club as well as what members should strive to achieve through their membership.  On Tuesday, February 17, five Saegertown students decided to go beyond merely attending meetings and reciting this mantra when they were elected 2015-2016 Key Club Officers.

Junior Stephen Boylan was elected president. Sophomores Sydney Kightlinger and Ben Haylett will serve as vice president and editor, respectively. Freshmen Kaity George and Shannon Hatton will be treasurer and secretary. Key Club adviser Mrs. Melissa Statman said, “I believe these officers will work well together because they are all passionate about Key Club. They are organized and will share responsibility.”

Incoming president Stephen Boylan said, “I believe my responsibility as 2015-2016 President of Saegertown High School’s Key Club is to lead my fellow Keyclubbers to expand our community service involvement beyond our high school.”

Boylan has already begun planning his approach and goals for next year.  “Within our school, I would like to receive more recognition for our accomplishments. I’m eager to further old traditions and create new ones.”

The current officers, seniors, are: president Lexie Erdos, vice president Rachel Smith, treasurer Sarah Allen, secretary Erin Sherry and editor Matt Peters. These officers will continue to serve until the end of the school year, and they will mentor newly elected officers so they will be prepared for next year.

Current president Lexie Erdos said, “Being heavily involved in Key Club throughout high school taught me to be a strong leader, sharpen my public speaking skills, and work on my communication abilities. It required a lot of my time, so it will be strange to not have that responsibility, but I am completely confident in the ability of the upcoming officers.”

Erdos is eager to pass down her responsibilities to such a dependable group of students and allow them to have their own opportunity to improve their skills and abilities. “The new president, Stephen Boylan, will really help the club to grow even more. When I was a freshman, almost no one had even heard of Key Club- it was just starting out. Now, it has grown into one of the most prominent clubs, and I’m sure that the new officers will help the club continue to flourish.”

NHS and Key Club spread the joy of reading

By McKenzie Ashbaugh, Director of Marketing

Juniors Haley Wise (left) and Maile Chang (right) read to a Head-Start class in the elementary school.

Juniors Haley Wise (left) and Maile Chang (right) read to a Head-Start class in the elementary school.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”
-Theodor Seuss Geisel (otherwise known as Dr. Seuss)

On Monday, March 2 Saegertown High School’s National Honor Society and Key Club students participated in Read Across America. They ventured to Saegertown Elementary School under the guidance of librarian Mrs. Betty Litke to read to students. Sponsored by the National Education Association, Read Across America Day commemorates the birthday of Dr. Seuss.

Each NHS or Key Club student was assigned at least one classroom at the elementary school to read to SES students. “Elementary students look forward to having the high school students come read to them. I think it provides the younger students with a role model who not only does well in school but has taken the time to select  a book that they will enjoy,” third grade teacher Mrs. Kendra Burger said.

Junior Madison Bartholomew, a former student of Mrs. Stacey Donahue, had the opportunity to read to Mrs. Donahue’s second grade class. “I thought it was fun to go read to the younger kids. I will definitely do it again next year!”

Mr. Chris Greco’s class performs cell skits

The three contestants of one of the skits pose together. Photo contributed by Maile Chang.

Wyatt Fleischer, Andrew Flynn and Brad Amy went all in for their cell skit. (Photo contributed by Maile Chang.)

Lauren Posego, Assistant News Editor

On Wednesday and Thursday last week in Mr. Chris Greco’s advanced biology classes, the juniors and seniors performed cell skits on stage in the auditorium.

The students were assigned parts of a cell and researched information about them. Then, in small groups, they chose a theme and incorporated their information into the skit. After days of practice and planning, they performed their skits on stage while they were recorded. Some various themes of the skits were a wrestling match, a dating show, a beauty pageant, a talent show, and a school theme. Junior Wyatt Fleischer, whose cell part was the mitochondria said, “I dressed up like a female; it was quite terrific.” Bradley Amy and Andrew Flynn were contestants in the beauty pageant and dressed up as females as well. At the end of their humorous skit, it was revealed that Flynn had won the beauty pageant.

Although the skits had an academic benefit, they were also very entertaining. Junior Bradley Amy commented, “This was one of the most fun assignments that we’ve had this year, and it was really funny to see everyone dress up.”

Le cafe Francais comes to SHS

By Lianna Ketcham, Website editor

Freshman Francis Jageacks poses with her cafe sign (Photo by Casey Fetzner).

Freshman Francis Jageacks poses with her cafe sign (Casey Fetzner/SHS).

Saegertown High School’s French I students presented their chapter projects on Wednesday, February 25 in the cafeteria. The assignment required students to create a French cafe.

After designing menus and dialogue sheets, the cafes were opened to the student body and faculty members during periods seven and eight. French students served coffee, sandwiches, ice cream, and other food products to their peers. “This experience, when it goes well, requires my French I students to stretch their language skills because they aren’t allowed to speak English during the cafe, and they have to make their customers speak French too,” said French teacher Mr. Nathan Youngblood.

Participants were graded on their French speaking skills and their ambition to make their customers speak as well. “It’s fun but really hard to keep up with everyone that comes,” said freshman Rachel Lance.

To see more photos from the event, visit Edline.

Bowlers fall one pin short at Ven-Craw Championship

By Garrett Johnston, Assistant Features Editor

The Saegertown Bowling team was tied with Cranberry after their championship match on Feb. 11. The two teams headed to sudden death. Saegertown came up short, losing 4-3 and finishing in second place, a repeat of last year’s finish, where they lost to Meadville. They went into the match ranked first while Cranberry was ranked second. They may have not improved their overall finish from last year, but it was still a successful season. “The season went really well. We were in first place by 16 points going into the last match,” said senior Tristan Higby. “I was really happy with the season I had this year, and I am going to miss this a lot.” In addition to Higby, senior CJ Mook also ended his high school career with this final match.