Crawford County 4-H to hold annual FUNd for YOUth auction

by Kaity Gage, special media projects editor 

The FUNd for YOUth auction is scheduled to take place on May 13. The item viewing will begin at 4 p.m. and the auction is to start at 5 p.m. This is a key fundraising event for Crawford County 4-H clubs.

The Fund for Youth Auction has been taking place in Crawford County for multiple years and many families look forward to going annually. “It’s great that we can support local 4-Hers by buying the items they collected,” said Janet Hunter, a retired 4-H leader. In an effort to support the auction, 4-H clubs and their members are encouraged to go to local businesses to collect donations and some will even submit their own crafts. The funds from the auction are divided up by the Crawford County Extension Office and distributed back among the clubs who participated. The amount each club receives is based on how much their donations sell for and their contributions to the event. During the auction, 4-H members check-in and hold the items on the stage while they are being auctioned off.  

“We hope to see you there,” said a member of the Fabulous Farmers 4-H Club.


Dunn attends 4-H Capital Days in Harrisburg

By Stefanie Arblaster, website editor

On April 1 through April 3, junior Patrick Dunn attended the 2017 Pennsylvania 4-H Capital Days in Harrisburg. Capital Days is a three day program for 4-H members ages 14-18 to enhance their knowledge on Pennsylvania state government.

Among numerous other activities, Dunn and many other 4-H’ers from across the state came together to learn about parliamentary procedure. They learned how the procedure can help them within a 4-H meeting. “It’s a great tool to use. It’ll help us problem solve and run the meetings more efficiently,” Dunn said.

  They participated in ice breaker challenges, which helped the group grow familiar with each other, attended a dance hosted by the program at the Hilton Hotel, explored the state capitol building, and even ate with the state senators.

“It was a really great experience, I learned a lot and I would definitely go back.” Dunn said.


Saegertown students attend 4-H Leadership Conference

by Sydney Kightlinger, editor in chief

Four Saegertown students attended the Pennsylvania 4-H State Leadership Conference from Jan. 27-29. Seniors Rachel Barner and Melanie McClearn, junior Patrick Dunn, and freshman Kimmy Reisinger spent three days at the Penn Stater Hotel & Conferencing Center in State College working on leadership characteristics and principals with 4H members from around the state.

Students participated in a variety of workshops designed to improve communication techniques, team building, decision making, and goal setting. Dunn, who is President of Crawford County Council and his 4H club Champion Drive, attended the public speaking, make a good impression, executive decision, confidence, parliamentary procedure, and effective writing workshops.

“The one that benefited me the most was public speaking because I gained a lot from it. I learned how to get an audience’s attention and to think quickly. I plan on using some of it in my yearly demonstration,” said Dunn.

During McClearn’s workshops, she worked with kids to help them design a robot to help guide the elderly. “I learned a lot about team building. My goal is really to get the younger members to work better and speak about their ideas when I return,” said McClearn.

First year Crawford County Council member Resigner attended the effective writing workshop where she wrote numerous reports that resemble her 4H reports. “I will have to write for the rest of my life, and this will benefit my club.”

“It is important to help young men and women become better leaders. I look forward to coming back to teach and lead my club,” said Barner, who is the president of Pathfinders 4H Club and also member of the Crawford County Council. Barner added, “The confidence workshop taught me to become a better leader. You have to have confidence in yourself in order to give confidence to others. It is a lead by example sort of thing.”