Hispanic Fair enjoys second-year success

By Sheena Byham, sports editor

IMG_4336The Spanish classes participated in the Hispanic fair on May 30 that represented all 22 Spanish speaking countries. The students in Spanish I, II, and III completed eight projects throughout the school year under the direction of Senorita Nova Dinsmore. They then display their projects at the year-end fair.

This year Dinsmore invited fifth-graders from SES to visit the fair along with any students from the junior and senior high. “I do the Hispanic fair for students to experience the Spanish culture,” Dinsmore said. The fair was held from 9 – 2 during the school day, and then from 4:30-6:30 p.m. as part of Arts and Academics Night so that adults could come to visit the displays.

IMG_4320The students had put a great amount of time and effort into their projects, so Dinsmore collected donations at the Hispanic fair to help pay for the funds to complete the students’ projects next year. She received a generous grant of $200 from the Northwestern REC for this year’s fair.

Dinsmore plans to continue the fair in the following years for students, teachers, and the community to experience Spanish culture.

Ms. Nova Dinsmore receives REC grant for Hispanic Fair

By Morgan Radwick, design editor


Ms. Nova Dinsmore

After the success of the first annual Hispanic Fair last school year, the Northwestern Regional Electric Company has awarded Spanish teacher Ms. Nova  Dinsmore a grant of $200 to put towards supplies and materials for this year’s event.

Ms. Dinsmore assigns her students a Spanish speaking country to research. Then they create tri-fold poster boards and prepare culturally accurate food that corresponds with their designated country. Students display their efforts at the Hispanic Fair. 

Ms. Dinsmore plans to spend the funds on baking and cooking supplies. “Last year students made food. However, we ran out quickly,” Ms. Dinsmore said. “This year I am hoping to give the students supplies so they can make more food.”

The Hispanic Fair will be held on Arts and Academics Night, which is set for May 29, 2019.