The Premiere Broadcast and the Review: Alumni Jacob Perrett wows with ‘Weird Fiction’

Broadcast by Sam Shelenberger, broadcast director

Review by Braeden Kantz, managing editor

“Weird Fiction,” a local independent film, premiered on Oct. 3 at the Movies at Meadville. The low-budget film captivated the audience, many of whom had purchased seats several weeks in advance to ensure a spot at the first showing. Produced and directed by Saegertown alumni Jacob Perrett, “Weird Fiction” created a near-perfect rendering of the greatest moments in 1980s horror cinema.

Perrett has undoubtedly displayed all of his skills as a director in his most recent film. By breaking the film into four shorter segments, Perrett masterfully created a universe of cliche 80s horror. Locally casting and producing the film, Perrett faced a variety of adversities including trouble finding actors and an extremely low budget. Despite a lack of resources, the cast managed to piece together a proficient rendering of the 80s lifestyle and fashion.

The film consistently surprised the audience with shocking plot twists and amazing visual effects that developed a realistic setting with characters to which audience could easily relate. “Squid,” the last short’s antagonist, was the peak of the film’s visual excellence. The make-up and visual effects seemed flawless and stunned the audience, who were aware of the limited resources spent on the project from the pre-screening discussion with the directors. 

Perrett is currently in the process of developing his newest film, the title of which has not yet been released. “Weird Fiction” also showed at the Tinseltown Theatre on Oct. 12 and will show again at the Park Avenue Cinema on Oct. 31 for Perrett’s “Monster Mash,” where anyone who comes to the showing dressed in a costume will be admitted for free. Be sure to attend to support local aspiring actors and directors.


Delightfully Bizarre Websites

By Jacob Perrett, broadcast team

Bored, lonely, existential crisis, or just plain struggling with insomnia? I’ve compiled a list below of some of the most bizarre and entertaining websites out there. Don’t worry, these all come virus free.

If the title of this website sparked your love for knitting, don’t get too excited. This website takes you on a mind boggling, yet soothing trip through a three-dimensional world. With an animation type theme, this site is sure to entertain even the most inattentive individuals.

This site is really cool. If you’re a high profile procrastinator, or if you’re just a plain teenager, make sure to bookmark this remarkable web page. does exactly what the title implies. You begin by typing in a certain topic into their search bar, then you are then given a word doc setup, and by simply clicking a key, a sentence is created. And on top of it all, the material being hashed out is actually relevant to the material you are trying to write about!

Here’s one for the really bored individuals. This website is exactly a digital version of the classic “would you rather” game. The site gives you two statements and you are challenged to pick between the two. Once you have made your decision the site offers statistics regarding how many people agreed with your choice.

Just trust me.

A nice way to end this list. If none of the websites up above fail, this site will take you to a random pointless page with the click of a button.