Advanced biology students plant trees for PENNCREST Foundation

By Stephen Boylan, Director of Marketing

Check out the Slide Show from May 1 tree planting at Kinter Hill near Edinboro. Science teachers Mr. Chris Greco, Mr. Phil Young and Mr. Matt McLaughlin supervised around 30 juniors with the trees, which will provide funding for future scholarships from the PENNCREST Foundation.

Advanced Biology students attend Creek Connections

By Kaylee Luchansky, Web Site Editor

Saegertown High School's introductory photo at Creek Connections. (Photo contributed by Mr. Greco)

Saegertown High School’s introductory photo at Creek Connections. (Photo contributed by Mr. Greco)

Students from Mr. Chris Greco’s advanced biology classes presented their interactive tri-folds about local waterways and the surrounding area on April 24 at Allegheny College,  along with projects from schools across Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York.

The day began in Shafer Auditorium where David Pallant discussed his journey to Vietnam and the Philippines to rid the creeks of garbage and sewage. Students then separated into two groups; some stayed in Shafer auditorium to listen to presentations while the others explored the tri-folds set up outside, and listened to students share their expertise on topics ranging from pollution in our water to watersheds and much more.

Junior Stephen Boylan sets up his tri-fold.

Junior Stephen Boylan sets up his tri-fold.

Then, the students separated to attend activities such as Gone Batty with Terry Lobdell and Map and Compass.

After a successful and informational day, the students went home with a participation certificate, knowledge about their area, and a new sense of respect for all that the Creek Connections workers do.

“It was fun watching Mr. Greco trying to figure it out (Map and Compass),” said junior Felisha Offi. For more information about Creek Connections, visit the Allegheny College web site.

Mr. Chris Greco’s class performs cell skits

The three contestants of one of the skits pose together. Photo contributed by Maile Chang.

Wyatt Fleischer, Andrew Flynn and Brad Amy went all in for their cell skit. (Photo contributed by Maile Chang.)

Lauren Posego, Assistant News Editor

On Wednesday and Thursday last week in Mr. Chris Greco’s advanced biology classes, the juniors and seniors performed cell skits on stage in the auditorium.

The students were assigned parts of a cell and researched information about them. Then, in small groups, they chose a theme and incorporated their information into the skit. After days of practice and planning, they performed their skits on stage while they were recorded. Some various themes of the skits were a wrestling match, a dating show, a beauty pageant, a talent show, and a school theme. Junior Wyatt Fleischer, whose cell part was the mitochondria said, “I dressed up like a female; it was quite terrific.” Bradley Amy and Andrew Flynn were contestants in the beauty pageant and dressed up as females as well. At the end of their humorous skit, it was revealed that Flynn had won the beauty pageant.

Although the skits had an academic benefit, they were also very entertaining. Junior Bradley Amy commented, “This was one of the most fun assignments that we’ve had this year, and it was really funny to see everyone dress up.”