Talents shine from SHS

Sydney Kightlinger, design editor and Rachel Barner, staff writer

To get everyone into the holiday spirit, the Student Council will be hosting a talent show in the auditorium on Tuesday, Dec. 22. Many students will have their talents showcased during the morning assembly that starts at 9:45.

Senior Colten Burdick and sophomore Kevin Johns are each performing


Grace Diley will perform the piece “Part of Your World” from the “Little Mermaid” during the Saegertown talent show on Tuesday, Dec. 22.

original raps. Burdick, who’s excited and slightly anxious for the performance, said, “I hope to maybe inspire some people and to show who I really am, and I hope I don’t burn down the place with my fire.”

Johns, who fears stuttering, is freestyling. “I am excited to explore my talent and seeing what I can do.”

In addition to rapping, seventh graders Jane Hetrick, Madison Shoop, junior Mackenzie Genaway, and the Chamber Singers will be singing.

Hetrick has  prepared a version of Michael Bublé’s “Feeling Good” after seeing a video on YouTube of Carly Rose Sonenclar, a contestant on The X Factor.

Shoop is performing Katy Perry’s “Jar of Hearts”. She decided to  participate in the talent show because “performing in front of people has been hard for me, and there are times I need to get over that.”

 Genaway is performing “Night Changes” by One Direction, and she is “just a little” nervous to sing in front of an audience, but is very excited.

The Chamber Singers will perform pieces prepared for their winter concert that was earlier this month.

However, vocal performances are not the makeup of the entire show. Sophomore Megan Przybowski will be performing a piece on the trumpet that she is keeping a secret, and seventh grader Grace Diley will play “Part of Your World” from Disney’s “A Little Mermaid” on the piano. Both started playing their instruments while in elementary school.

Seventh grader Dairen Kaye will have a comedy routine. “I have always been able to make people laugh, and I can make many different voices,” said Kaye. He hopes to have the audience participate.

Student Council advisor Mrs. Nicole Keller hopes to make the talent show a tradition. “I hope our appreciation for the talents of students grow, and I hope next year more students sign-up.”

After the assembly, students will return to their classes. Classes will be shortened to 15-20 minutes with the exception of fifth period that will be normal. At 1:35 p.m., the holiday activity period will be begin.

PMEA District II Band Festival: Six advance to regions

By Ally Shenk, Staff Writer

Musicians from forty schools took the stage Jan. 7-10. (Casey Fetzner/SHS)

Musicians from forty schools took the stage Jan. 7-10. (Casey Fetzner/SHS)

Saegertown High School played host to the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) District II Band Festival last week (Jan. 7-10). One hundred-seventy students came from forty high schools across the three-county region to compete for a position in Region II Band, which will be held at Fort LeBoeuf High School in February.

The musicians were supposed to begin practice and participate in auditions on Wednesday night, but, due to weather delays, they didn’t start until Thursday, January 8. The community concert was held Friday at 8 p.m., with a second concert on Saturday at 1 p.m.  The guest conductor Robert W. Smith said, “Preparation was easy, and I got a sense of where the students were at skill wise.” The only difficulty he seemed to face was getting the students to play as a whole. Smith is a nationally known composer who has over 700 works to his name. Saegertown band director Mr. Patrick Baldwin called him a “rock star” among composers of concert band music.

Several students from Saegertown made it to the Region II Festival: seniors Kristina West, Matt Peters, and Makayla Miller; juniors Ben Courson and Jared Shaffer; and sophomore Jesse Stewart (who earned first chair in a field of eight tubas). “We learned how to transpose Mary had a Little Lamb,” said senior Kristina West. At Region Band, students will have the opportunity to compete for a position in All-State Band, which will be held in Hershey, Pa. To see more photos from the event, visit http://www.edline.net/pages/Saegertownjshs.

Boys soccer wraps-up season

By Wyatt Fleischer, Assistant Social Media Editor

Seniors Zach Coon and Lawrence Brumbaugh played their final high school soccer match on Oct. 21. The team celebrated the season at a banquet on Nov. 4.

Seniors Zach Coon and Lawrence Brumbaugh played their final high school soccer match on Oct. 21. The team celebrated the season at a banquet on Nov. 4.

The boys soccer season ended at East High School on Oct. 21 with a hard loss to the Warriors, 5-4. Andrew Flynn, Peter Mattocks, Trent Krzysiak, and Iain Scott scratched up goals for Saegertown in the defeat. Then the team faced Mercer on October 23. The boys fell short 11-2 to the Mustangs. Kalib Kiser and Peter Mattocks chalked up a goal in the second half.

The Panthers were flirting with the post season, but didn’t quite make it. However, Mattocks (with 24 goals) broke the single season scoring record that had been set by alumni Matt Schenberg during the previous season. Highlights for the team this season include both Calvary Baptist upsets. Then, the second matchup with Meadville and Bradford upsets.

The boys will be graduating defensive player Lawrence Brumbaugh and goalkeeper Zach Coon.  Mattocks said, “Next season we will be the power in the region, all we need to do is improve on the little things. We are returning Trent Krzysiak, Andrew Flynn, Nate Duffy, Jason Wanner, John Reibel, Brennan Crawford.” Senior Lawrence Brumbaugh said, ”It was a great time. Made some great friends, and this season won’t be forgotten.”

Greco’s class cuts up the crayfish

By Kaylee Luchansky, Web Site Editor

Mr. Greco's advanced bio classes took their dissection practical on Thursday, Nov. 6.

Mr. Greco’s advanced bio classes took their dissection practical on Thursday, Nov. 6.

This week in Mr. Chris Greco’s Advanced Biology classes, the juniors and seniors have been dissecting crayfish. This is their first dissection. After picking their crayfish from a bucket, the students studied the outer anatomy before the inner anatomy.

“It’s interesting to see and understand the functions of a body, and the daily struggle it goes through,” said junior Nick Harnett. After three days of dissection and two of review, the classes had a practical [test] today. Junior Lindsey Price said, “It was really neat to see the internal structure of a crayfish.”

After this first activity, the class will dissect dogfish, bullfrogs, and then rabbits. According to Mr. Greco, the benefits of dissection include hands-on learning opportunities and seeing things better than you could in a text book. “Students always have fun dissecting,” Mr. Greco said.