Nature trail opens at Saegertown Cemetery

By Emily Ford photo editor, and Grant Phelan staff writer

The Saegertown Cemetery French Creek Trail’s grand opening was Sunday, Oct. 16, at 2 p.m.  Leading from the southeast corner of the cemetery, the trail is marked with a sign followed by the pathway leading to benches donated by members of the community. The purpose of the two benches are for cemetery visitors to honor and remember their loved ones, according to Saegertown Cemetery Association Vice President Chester Morfenski.

A group of seniors from Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School helped complete trail with the SCA President Chuck Orr and Vice President Chester Morfenski during the summer as part of their senior projects. Seniors who volunteered include: Grant Phelan, Kaitlyn Walsh, Joseph Gajdowski, Kevin Field, Alexis Oldakowski, Skylar Leszek, Emily Ford, Nakia Rivera-Dalton, Jude Mattocks, Jeff Baldwin, John Jackson, and Jesse Stewart.

“It feels good that we did it voluntarily, and that people know high school kids did it for the community benefit,” said Stewart. Students were asked to shovel and rake wood chips, donated by Telliho Tree Service, to mark the trail.

“So many people were very willing to help,” said Morfenski. “A majority of donations were not even asked for or cost us anything.”

Saegertown Women’s Improvement Club and Charles Lake donated signs to help better mark the trail. Saegertown Hardware supplied all tools that were necessary to construct the project. Thrivent Financial contributed money to reward the workers with pizza for their hard work and t-shirts. Wilson Building Supply donated all the posts and wood, crucial for fencing. Linda Fink provided seeds for landscaping. Mitch Hohmann of Blooming Valley Landscaping designed the trail through the woods.  Sunset Memorials provided cement bases for the benches that were sponsored by the Waid and Mizner Funeral Homes along with community member John Hasenkopf.

Stewart said, “I think it will be rewarding for the community. That is why it felt rewarding to complete the project.” All cemetery visitors are welcome to use the trail at their leisure.

Early Homecoming brings mixed reviews

By Rachel Barner, news editor and Jade Allen, staff writer

Homecoming is a time of fun, hanging out with your friends and celebrating school spirit. It is usually held in late October, but this year, there is a new twist.

Homecoming this year is the night of Sept. 24, with our homecoming game being Sept. 23. Since the football season started a week earlier this year and most of the home games are early in the season, our homecoming is also early. The homecoming court was announced at the end of the last school year because of other homecoming preparations that need to be completed. Saegertown students are adjusting accordingly; however, many have strong opinions about this change.  

For instance, senior Daynna English said, “I prefer it to be early to start the school year with excitement and school spirit.”

On the other hand, some people aren’t liking this idea as much. “I feel like we don’t have any time to prepare,” said sophomore Morgan Radwick.

Some simply just do not mind the change. “I’m really impartial to it,” said freshman Carson Jones.

Because homecoming is early this year, some students have had problems finding their attire for the dance. Some feel that their time to shop for these items has been crunched. Senior Brittany Sample said, “I don’t like it because you don’t have time to get dresses.”

Saegertown is not the only school with an early homecoming. Neighboring schools Maplewood, Cochranton, and Conneaut Area Senior High are all on the same night. Students who have been invited to one of these other homecomings have to decide which one they want to attend.

Early homecoming isn’t the only change to hit Saegertown this year. Student Council and the advisors have chosen to have a theme which is “Let’s Luau.” Student Council advisor Mrs. Nicole Keller said, “It is just fun, festive, and easy to do. We are going to start picking a theme every year.” Student Council president Austin Brown said, “There’s always supposed to be a theme, but this year was the first year it was actually put into place. Every six years the themes will rotate, so in seven years the luau will be used again.”