Allegheny College professor wows with “The Weekend Workshop”

by Scout Van Cise and Kassie Boyd, editor in chief and news editor


Joshua Searle-White stars in his self-written narration “The Weekend Workshop.”

Allegheny College psychology professor Joshua Searle-White amused and captivated his audience Jan. 20 and 21 with a hilarious self-written narration called “The Weekend Workshop.”

In the one man show, Searle-White’s character travels to a motivational retreat in order to improve his relationship with his girlfriend Sarah, a spiritual enthusiast. Despite his skepticism and dread, the narrator attends the workshop anyway to please her. Throughout the weekend, he meets a variety of eccentric characters ranging from a timid and introverted individual to a burly biker with a big heart.

Over the course of the retreat, Searle-White’s character goes out of his comfort zone and truly begins to understand and befriend the other individuals he originally thought to be strange.

As the retreat draws to a close, the narrator is still skeptical of the self help process, but he is more open to the ideas introduced to him throughout the weekend.

Seale-White painted a spectacular and humorous picture of a middle aged man trying to better himself. Although he was the only actor on stage, Searle-White skillfully portrayed an array of colorful characters were different and unique, adding their own spark to the show itself.  

His quirky personality and stage presence made for a charming one man production that told a hilarious story that warmed the hearts of the entire audience. “It was super interesting,” said Madison Morgan, who saw the show early during an open rehearsal. “The characters were endearing and I really enjoyed it.”