Panther Press Staff (2022-23) Volume 17

Brennen McWright, Editor-in-Chief

Arion Knott, Managing Editor

Porter Brooks, News Editor

Sara Slayter and Fayelynn McWright, Opinion Editors

Zorian Edwards, Features Editor

Camden Gjovik and Logan Corner, Sports Editors

Rosalynd Phillips and Kaitlyn Brookshire, Design Editors

Claire Barickman and Camden Gjovik, Social Media Editors

Celeste Eback and Jace Digiacomo, Website Editors

Luthea Sweeney, Photo Editor

Zorian Edwards, Multimedia Editor

Nate Slee, Broadcast Editor

Lyndzee Amory, Panther Paw Editor

Staff Writers:

Glenn Sample

Sierra McCartney

Alaina Merchant

Kylie Stafford

Kaylee Reynolds

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