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2015 Archery season review

By Bailey Kozalla, staff writer

Since the first archery season began in 1951, thousands of Pennsylvanians have taken to the woods to pursue the notorious white-tailed deer.  About 943,836 people bought Pennsylvania hunting licenses and 333,001 of them bought an archery license for the 2015-2016 hunting season.*  

As the 2015 Pennsylvania archery season came to a close on November 14, a select group of Saegertown students were eager to fill their tags.  

Wesley Fleischer, sophomore, had the opportunity to fill both of his tags,

Sophomore Dakota Price shot a 13 point buck with his crossbow on Nov. 7, the largest that he has ever harvested.

as he got a doe early in season and an eight point buck on November 9 with his compound bow.  Fleischer favors archery season over rifle season because, “The [archery] season lasts longer than rifle and it’s more of a challenge, and I like a challenge.”  Since he began his bowhunting career when he was thirteen, he has harvested six deer.  


Seventh grader, Dixie Kindervater, experienced an unsuccessful season.  “We’ve seen a lot of does, and not a lot of bucks.  I think it’s because the rut hasn’t been good where we hunt.”  Since she was introduced to archery hunting when she was eight, Kindervater found the traditional sport of archery hunting to be pleasurable.  “I love to sit out in Mother Nature,” Kindervater said.  

Dakota Price, sophomore, came face-to-face with a thirteen point buck on November 7.  Price arrowed the buck with his crossbow and successfully retrieved it after 100 yards of tracking.  “I got the biggest buck in my life,”  Price adds.  His passion for bowhunting began when he was twelve years old.  Since then, he has harvested five deer with his crossbow.  “I’ve grown up doing it, and I get a new opportunity each year to hunt deer.”

*Information from the Pennsylvania Game Commission

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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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