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What is happening at Saegertown? Check the event calendar to find out

by Hannah Nicholson, opinion editor

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 12.29.59 PM.png
The community calendar is up and running. Check it out, and send your events. 

If you visit the Panther Press website, you may notice a new addition. An event calendar has been added for student and community use. Health teacher Pat Bradshaw has been heading up this project for the past couple months. The incentive for the calendar is to help bring school spirit back to SHS.

The calendar includes a feature where you can search keywords or dates to find an event. Mr. Bradshaw would like the calendar to eventually be mainly student-run, and updated as often as possible. “Still trying to figure out my team. That is the biggest thing. I need some people who are tech savvy,” Mr. Bradshaw said.  A few students, like senior Hannah Myers and sophomore Sam Shelenberger, have been helping with the project since the beginning. Myers has aided in collecting the dates of events from various teachers, as well as updating the calendar itself. “The biggest issue so far is figuring out how to work the program,” Myers said.

Mr. Bradshaw’s goals for next year are to have the calendar updated and ready, to have a set team of students willing to contribute to the upkeep, and for the calendar to be made more public. “It is in its infancy stage,” Mr. Bradshaw said. Infancy stage or not, the calendar is sure to bring the community closer together.


If you are interested in helping with this project or you want to submit events, contact Mr. Bradshaw at . You can access the calendar here:

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